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Adoption of animals

Passed the terms without claims of the part of the owners, the dogs and cats will seek employment in adoption:
For which:

Imatge Lateral Animals Acollits
  1. The dogs left by its owners will seek employment in adoption immediately.
  2. The dogs gathered in the street, without microchip, will have to remain in the center a term of 15 days, in expectation of ue its owner presents before himself personally.
    During this period of time the dog seeks employment in adoption.
  3. The dogs gathered in the street, with microchip, will have to remain in the center the necessary time to communicate to the owner that the dog is in our facilities. While, the perrrose will offer in adoption.
  4. The catalogued dogs since dangerous there will be able only to be offered in adoption the persons who have in adoption to the persons who have municipal license for the tenancy of the animals. The persons interested in to adopt a catalogued dog as potentially dangerous they will pay the vaccination, microchip, the sterilization and the maintenance from the reservation of the animal up to obtaining the license.

The visits schedule is from Monday until Friday of 9:00 to 13:30 h and Saturdays of 9:00 to 12:00 h

Date of last modification:25 of February 2016

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