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Center of Recovery of the Balearic Birds

On August 28, 1980 the Town Hall of Palma approved in plenary session the bases of arrangement of the Municipal Service of Protection of the Balearic fauna of birds. This service located in the Center of Animal Protection, is managed pro the Town hall. The Commission of Environment and the GOB they take part in the decisions across a Technical Commission Overseer constituted to that end.

The general target of our center of Recovery is to collaborate in the protection of the indigenous Balearic wildlife by means of the following performances:

  1. Rehabilitation of sick or hurt wild animals and its return to its natural way.
    More than 4.000 birds (belonging to more than 60 different species) have joined this service from its creation. The recovery of wild species in extinction danger is obtained recovering individuals and pupil to population
  2. The baby in captivity of the black vulture.
    Since this project began in the center 5 vulture babies have been born and 3 have been liberated. At present, we have two reproductive couples
  3. Terrestrial turtles
    In our community there exist two species of terrestrial turtles (Testudo Hermanni and Testudo Graeca). The situation of both species is different being more delicate that of Testudo Graeca.
    Now we order more than two big terraria in the free air by the breeding and regaining of the tortoises.
    The targets are two:
    • To increase the baby in captivity.
    • To lodge, later to liberate, the turtles that the individuals transfer to us.
  4. Enviromental educational program
    In our center it exists to a class of environmental education, used with priority for the school population. To develop this program we have several monitors that develop the following topics:
    • The favourite animals in the city.
    • Protected species. Balearic birds.
    • Urban plagues.
    • Green spaces in the city

Pest control

The services of rodent control, fumigation and disinfection will be realized attending to the sanitary needs of the population and municipal district, agreeably to the following criteria:

  1. The rodent control of the networks of sewers, buildings, facilities and municipal services will have preferable character and its permanent coverage
  2. The fumigation and periodic disinfection of buildings, facilities and municipal services, with special attention to the municipal schools
  3. The rendering of occasional service when there are detected colonies of muridos, insects or sources of infection. There will be able only to be realized works of rodent control, fumigation or disinfection in particular properties, for the municipal services dependent on the Health center, in special circunstáncias, which constitute a well-known danger for the safety, health or hygiene.
  4. The Municipal Administration will adopt the opportune measurements to avoid the proliferation of the esmentados sanitary vectors.

The target of the control of the starlings is to frighten them towards less inhabited areas, avoiding the inconveniences to the citizens and the deterioration of the urban mobliario, as well as of walks and routes for the pedestrians.

The performances begin with the arrival of big bandades that coincide with the arrival of the cold. There is used pyrotechnic material and explosive jumping jacks in the most difficult areas of the city.

The Municipal Health center at present uses two systems to reduce the pigeons population in our city:

  • Canons of throwing of networks
  • Cages pitfall.
    Next there is enclosed a picture of the different places in which there take to term these actions and the number of animals who are captured.

Pigeons apprehension

Gràfica captura coloms 2006


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