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Urban cats's colonies.

Cats are one of the most used species as pets and also are part of the urban fauna of many cities..

Cats are independent and very territorial animals that settle in places where they can survive either because are fed or because they have access to food. The excess of abandoned cats in our city and its concentration in plots and public areas often make the traditional coexistence between man and cat turn into a problem that breaks the balance of a beneficial long-standing relationship for both parts and effects not only the welfare of the animal but also the neighbourhood Concordia.

the extraordinary feline fertility, the capacity of its females to bring their pregnancies to a successful conclusion and their adaptation to the most adverse conditions turn that specie into potential settler of all free spaces which are available for them. The birth-rate is experiencing an excessive exponential growth that lets them to saturate in a short time the colonized spaces.

Places where the totality of cats have been removed and the environmental conditions are kept in a short time are occupied for other cats and a new colony is established. As a result the initial problem of feline overpopulation is restored. To the withdrawal of cats have to be add that because of the character no much sociable only few are adoptable.

For all displayed and following in other cities footsteps what is trying to do is Developer a systematic action that allow to improve the animal welfare and the neighbourhood harmony..

The management protocols of urban cats's colonies are based on three points:

    1. It has to be a collaboration between people who feed the cats and the Town Council.
    2. The cats population in the colony have to be healthy. The number of cats is agreed between the colonies responsible and the Town Council technicians, with a zero birth-rate and preserving the same cats.
    3. The area which is used has to be in optimum hygienic and safety conditions.

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