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Register 6 (JOAN GRIS Park)

Register-6 JOAN GRIS park of canine leisure.


Use conditions:

  1. Dogs will be able to go freely without lead inside the enclosure.
  2. Aggressive dogs with people or other animals must use muzzle.
  3. Dogs classified as potentially dangerous according the Law 50/1999 of December 23, cannot go loose or without muzzle in any case. 
  4. It's forbidden to leave dogs'excrements in this area. The owner must collect the stools. 
  5. The owner will be the responsible for physical and psychic damages that their animals could cause. 
  6. All dogs must be identified with microchip, up-to-date with vaccinations and compulsory treatments. The dogs'bearers have to take animal's documentation legally demandable (health card, license and registration in the registry in case o potentially dangerous animals)
  7. Local police and environmental controller of EMAYA will guard the correct use of the enclosure and the compliance of the bylaws.

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