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Canine leisure areas (Dog Parks)

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  1. Dogs may be unleashed within the park.
  2. Dogs that are considered aggressive, either with people or with other animals, must wear a muzzle.
  3. Under no circumstances may dogs classified as potentially dangerous according to Law 50/1999, 23rd of December, be unleashed or have their muzzles removed.
  4. Owners must clean up after their dogs.
  5. Owners will be held responsible for any physical or psychological harm caused by their animals.
  6. All dogs must wear micro-chip identification and be up to date in terms of vaccinations and other obligatory treatments. Dog owners and walkers must carry the animal's documentation on their person as they may legally be requested to present said documentation (health card, license and, in the case of potentially dangerous animals, the corresponding registration).
  7. The local police and EMAYA environmental controllers will oversee the correct use of the park and compliance with the corresponding municipal bylaws.
  8. Opening hours: See Terms & Conditions of the corresponding Dog Park.

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